The 3 Parts of Your Body That Show Wrinkles First (and How to Prevent Them)

Updated 06/28/17

As we grow older, certain body parts show signs of aging faster than others. As AOL points out, this is mostly due to the fact that we're only taught to take care of parts of our skin. "Sure—everyone emphasizes the use of moisturizers and sunscreen all over your body—but the emphasis when it comes to skincare regimens and keeping a youthful glow is mostly focused on our faces," it writes. Once you hit your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond, however, you'll likely start to take notice of other body parts that show signs of aging first.

While we're all about embracing the beauty of aging, it doesn't hurt to show these three body parts a little extra love as sun damage takes its toll:

Your Hands

Since our hands are exposed to the sun year-round (even in the wintertime or in colder climates), they're one of the first body parts to develop wrinkles or age spots. 

The fix: Don't neglect the back of your hands when applying sunscreen, anti-aging creams, or moisturizers. "The skin on your hands is thinner than most of your body, so keeping it moisturized is key to youthful skin," AOL writes.

Your Face

Even people as young as 25 may start to notice fine lines across the forehead or around the eyes. And unfortunately, sun spots may accompany those lines as you age.

The fix: Apply sunscreen and anti-aging creams daily in addition to washing your face, and try a brightening serum if dark spots are your concern.

Your Neck and Chest

The neck and chest are just a few inches south of where you likely apply moisturizer religiously, and eventually, this unintentional negligence will show. This thin skin is very sensitive to UV rays and can easily develop freckles and wrinkles.

The fix: Spread the wealth when applying creams, masks, treatments; almost anything you apply to your face is safe to use on your neck and chest.

What would you add or remove from this list? Share your thoughts below, and shop the Byrdie Bag for editor-approved skincare essentials.

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