16 Things to Pack for Your First Trip to the Snow

Since I only moved to the United States from sunny Queensland, Australia, a few years ago, I haven't had that many white Christmases yet, so every time it comes around, the excitement levels are out of control. Sitting around a cozy fire wrapped in cashmere and faux-fur throws, sipping on a warm mulled wine with views of a stunning winter wonderland outside is pretty much my idea of heaven. This is all while my relatives Down Under are sweltering in the tropical heat. Yes, celebrating the holiday season in summer is an entirely different experience. 

But while it looks gorgeous, it pays to remember that snow is freezing cold and very wet, which won't be fun if I don't prepare (especially since I'll be traveling to the mountains from Los Angeles). Since I'm most likely not the only one preparing for a snow trip this year, it's only fair to share a list of winter essentials, including the clothing for snow I need, so I'm fully equipped before takeoff. 

Scroll down to see our snow-trip picks, from a luxurious cashmere scarf to a practical pair of waterproof gloves.