14 Easy Fish Taco Recipes to Enjoy Alfresco This Summer

Baja-style crispy fish tacos with chipotle crema

Salt & Wind 

When it comes to meals that live up to your cravings and hit the spot without being too heavy and intense, there's nothing quite like a warm plate of fish tacos. They're the most reliable dinner option out there, considering that they're incredibly quick to whip up and customizable—you can make them as healthy or indulgent, spicy or mild, tangy or sweet as you want them to be.

To help Taco Tuesday fanatics everywhere celebrate every night, we compiled a menu of 14 mouthwatering fish taco recipes to make on repeat. Whether you're hankering for something crunchy and succulent like Baja-style tacos, or you're craving a light grilled salmon option, or you feel like channeling East Coast summer vibes with lobster, the lineup below from our favorite foodies will hit the spot. Seriously, if you think fish is boring, these mouthwatering fish taco recipes are about to prove you wrong.

Keep reading to pick the seafood recipe to re-create at home tonight.

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Baja-Style Crispy Fish Tacos With Chipotle Crema

Baja-style crispy fish tacos with chipotle crema

Salt & Wind

In a recipe inspired by Mexico's Baja, California, which is also known as the coastal region that invented the fish taco, Salt & Wind's fish taco recipe calls for lightly battered fish, snappy shredded cabbage, and a crema elevated with lime and adobo.

Pro Tip: The fish and crema can be prepared a day ahead, if needed. Fry fish till "puffed and golden," recommends Salt & Wind.

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Baja Fish Tacos With Chipotle Mango Salsa

Baja Fish Taco Recipe

Half Baked Harvest

Made with mahi-mahi, these Baja fish tacos from Half Baked Harvest take the classic favorite a step further. Beer-battered and topped in a tropical mango salsa, these tacos are so good you'll want to make them again and again... and your dinner guests will agree! Plus, this recipe only takes 25 minutes to prepare.

Pro Tip: The creamy tomatillo sauce will keep in the fridge for up to a week.

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Rosemary Citrus Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Taco Recipes

Melanie Makes

These 15-minute shrimp tacos from Melanie Makes will make your dinner woes disappear. Citrusy and aromatic, shrimp is sautéed in an aromatic rosemary and lemon sauce for refreshing and crisp flavor. This recipe also calls for bell peppers, avocado, and rice if you want to add a little more substance to the meal.

Pro Tip: To save even more time during meal prep, start with peeled and deveined shrimp (fresh or previously frozen).

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Zucchini Rajas Salmon Tacos

Healthy Fish Taco Recipe

Salt and Wind

As yummy as fried fish tacos are, sometimes we're just in the mood for something lighter. If that's the case, try these zucchini rajas salmon tacos from Salt & Wind. With cumin, garlic, red onion, and fresh oregano, they have a ton of flavor while still tasting fresh and light. The best part is that they only take 20 minutes to make, so you won't have to plan in advance or spend hours in the kitchen prepping.

Pro Tip: "Technically "rajas" means rags and is made with thin strips of poblano chiles," explains Salt & Wind. "Here we use the same cooking technique and ingredients but use zucchini instead of chiles."

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Grilled Fish Tacos With Cilantro Lime Cabbage Slaw

Grilled fish tacos with cilantro lime cabbage slaw

Feasting at Home 

To follow Feasting at Home's recipe for grilled fish tacos, create a spice rub for fish from chili powder, cumin, coriander, chipotle powder (and smoked paprika for more smoky flavor), and top with a citrusy cabbage slaw. Any white fish will do, like tilapia, red snapper, or mahi-mahi.

Pro Tip: The cabbage slaw is most flavorful a day later, so before you plan to grill, maybe make it a day ahead.

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Vietnamese Fish Tacos With Daikon

Best Fish Tacos Recipe

I Am a Food Blog

Tacos are one of the easiest dishes to get creative with. You can fill them with practically anything if you know what flavors and ingredients complement each other. Case in point? This fish taco recipe with daikon and pickled veggies. Follow this recipe from I Am a Food Blog if you're craving both Vietnamese and Mexican food tonight.

Pro Tip: "Serve on charred or warmed tortillas with extra herbs, pickles, lime wedges, and diced red onions, if desired," writes I Am a Food Blog.

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Grilled Fish Tacos With Sweet Corn

Fish Taco Recipes

Hola Jalapeño

Healthy and packed with flavor, these grilled fish tacos from Hola Jalapeño are all about balance. The fish is marinated in a spicy rub while the avocado sweet corn salsa softens up each bite.

Pro Tip: "Cook fish until lightly charred and opaque, about 4 minutes per side," advises Kate Ramos of Hola Jalapeño.

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Lobster Tacos With Ancho Chile Salsa

lobster tacos with ancho chile

Hola Jalapeño

Though most popular fish taco recipes call for a white fish filet, don't be afraid to veer away. These lobster tacos with ancho chile salsa from Hola Jalapeño are the perfect dish to try when you want a succulent, more buttery filling.

Pro Tip: If you prefer less spice on your tacos, remove the seeds from the chile peppers.

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Grilled Tilapia Tacos

Grilled tilapia fish tacos

The Modern Proper

Fresh, light, and oh so easy to whip up, this grilled tilapia taco recipe from The Modern Proper will quickly become a weeknight staple. Marinated in lime and orange juice and topped with diced onions, thinly sliced avocado, cilantro, and a light drizzle of crema; they boast a nice tangy taste.

Pro Tip: Remember to brush the grill grate with oil before you place fish filet's on the grill.

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Spicy Tacos With Tequila Lime Pineapple

Spicy fish tacos with tequila lime pineapple

Half Baked Harvest

Unexpected ingredient pairings are always such a treat. Such is the case with these spicy grilled fish tacos topped in pickled tequila lime pineapple wedges from Half Baked Harvest.

Pro Tip: Add diced jalapeño and lime for an extra kick!

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Grilled Chipotle Fish Tacos With Peach Salsa

Grilled chipotle fish tacos with peach salsa

Feasting at Home 

Feasting at Home's chipotle fish tacos with peach salsa is a study in summertime flavor. Fish is marinated in chipotle peppers, garlic, cumin, and coriander before grilling; then topped with peach salsa and a squeeze of lime.

Pro Tip: Marinate fish for at least an hour, or overnight, advises Feasting at Home.

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Crispy Fish Tacos With Jalapeño Sauce

Crispy fish tacos with jalapeño slaw

Pinch of Yum 

Beer-battered fish and a jalapeño sauce made with greek yogurt and avocado star in Pinch of Yum's crispy fish taco recipe. For the batter, you'll need cornstarch, cornmeal, baking powder, light beer, and vegetable oil for frying.

Pro Tip: "Cornmeal adds a unique texture but you could use flour in its place for a more traditional beer-battered fish texture," writes Pinch of Yum.

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Collard Green Grilled Fish Tacos With Jicama Slaw

Collard green grilled fish tacos with jicama slaw

Le Petit Eats

Le Petit Eats uses collard green wraps in place of the traditional tortilla in her grilled fish taco recipe, which also features a jicama slaw. To make the slaw, you'll also need mango, chili powder, lime, and shredded green cabbage.

Pro Tip: Other taco toppings could include purple cabbage, pickled onions, or chimichurri yogurt, which Le Petit Eats provides a recipe for.

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Tequila Lime Fish Tacos

Tequila lime fish tacos

Love & Lemons 

Love and Lemons's recipe for easy fish tacos means concocting a simple marinade of tequila, agave syrup, garlic, lime, and chile powder; then topping fish with pickled red onion and toppings of your choice––avocado, shredded cabbage, and a dollop of creme fraiche or sour cream, for example.

Pro Tip: Serve with an abundance of lime slices, cilantro, and sriracha for variety.

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