Chrissy Teigen's Trainer Shared Her Food Diary—Here's What She Eats in a Day

this is what taylor swift's trainer eats
Alessio Botticelli /Getty Images

If you haven’t heard of Aussie powerhouse workout instructor and personal trainer Simone De La Rue, it’s time you did. Simone started out as a dancer on Broadway and was determined to keep her body healthy and injury-free. The preventative exercises and stretches she used are now part of the moves she teaches in her Body by Simone classes—or BBS, as her devoted followers call it. (Also on her impressive résumé: personally training Taylor Swift and Chrissy Teigen). But we all know a toned physique comes from a combination of working out and eating healthy, so when Simone spilled exactly what she eats every day, we were all ears. Read on to see Simone’s food diary, which she shared with Mindbodygreen.

Breakfast: Poached or scrambled eggs atop one slice of gluten-free toast with avocado. On the side: turkey and tomato. Wash it down with green tea or a flat white coffee (if the day calls for a bit more caffeine). 

Lunch: Lettuce wrap salmon tacos with a side of root vegetables. 

Snack: Hummus and nuts. Wash it down with a protein shake and tons of water.

Dinner: Protein-rich meals like chicken with a veggie stir-fry (a go-to is bok choy with collard greens).

Dessert: A piece of chocolate to satisfy her sweet tooth!

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