These 2 Exercises Are Like Espresso Shots for Your Abs

Updated 06/20/17

We've got some really good news as it pertains to getting in shape: With just two exercises, you can tone your whole body, flat abs included. How exactly? Alwyn Cosgrove, CSCS, a top expert in the field of personal training, was asked to devise a fat-burning plan for Men's Health, and it included just two moves: a kettlebell swing and a squat. As Cosgrove pointed out, the act of running is just one exercise, but people don't question how effective it is for the whole body.  The routine he devised is effective and calorie-torching for a variety of reasons.


Here's how it works: You do what is called a "countdown workout." You start with 15 reps of the kettlebell or dumbbell swing, followed immediately by 15 reps of the squat thrust. With no rest after, you then start with 14 of each, then 13, until you're down to 1. 

The movements are done at a fast pace, without rest, and challenge the whole body. It takes about 12 minutes to do in total, so your muscles are burning. If it's too hard to do at first, you can start with a lower number, and if you somehow find it's not intense enough, you can repeat it, for 24 minutes total. 

It's so high intensity that it keeps your metabolism burning for hours after, and it's also low-impact (unlike running) and can be done in any room or outdoors. 

For specific instructions on how to do each of the two exercises, head over to Women's Health! Make sure you know what to eat to fuel up both before and after a workout. 

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