A Doctor Says These 3 Lifestyle Shifts Are the Key to a Flatter Stomach

For better or for worse, the summertime often has people thinking about their midsection as crop tops and bathing suits take center stage. While weight loss is never the goal, we're all about feeling comfortable and confident in our own skin, especially through healthy, doctor-approved lifestyle choices.

Enter Travis Stork, MD, who recently spoke to Women's Health about the simple, realistic lifestyle changes you can make to assuage a bloated stomach and supplement your workout efforts. He recommends a mixture of filling up on fiber-rich foods, snacking on almonds, and lifting weights three times a week.

"You don't have to give up carbs, but you do need to add fiber," he explains. "Yes, it keeps you full, but it also promotes good gut bacteria, which has been linked to a healthy weight." Almonds, of course, are an excellent, fiber-rich choice that aid digestion; Stork cites a recent study that found that "people who ate them daily lost more abdominal fat than those who didn't."

As for the weightlifting, Stork regards it as a metabolism-boosting workout that can help your body burn excess abdominal fat. "But don't knock moderate exercise, either," he clarifies. "Sticking to a routine is most important for weight management overall, so pick something you enjoy—jogging, brisk walking, whatever—and make it a habit."

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