Science Says This Is the Secret to Not Gaining Weight

Turns out an apple a day really can keep the doctor away. CNN reports that new research shows the benefits of a diet rich in flavonoid-heavy foods such as apples. Flavonoids are a natural component found in plants. They make the plant cells communicate and help create the plant’s color so that the plant is attractive to insects that help with pollination. In humans, flavonoids “seem to push the right biological buttons that keep bodies from gaining weight.” The study looked at the diets of 124,000 middle-aged and older people and found that those who ate food with a higher concentration of flavonoids were better able to maintain and lose weight. Which foods have a high amount of flavonoids? Berries, grapes, radishes, apples, green tea, onion, bananas, peppers, parsley, and celery. Most Americans eat less than a cup of fruit and less than two cups of vegetables per day, so upping your fruit and vegetable intake could help ensure that you don’t gain weight as you age.

Cut your daily apple into perfect wedges with a corer and apple slicer.

Do you eat foods that are rich in flavonoids?