This New App Is the Cure for All Your Air Travel Woes

These days, air travel is often a source of serious stress and anxiety. It seems all of the rules, regulations, and inevitable crowds have stripped the once glamorous mode of travel of its cachet entirely. But just because flying is no longer a thing of allure and enjoyment doesn't mean it needs to be a thing of misery! Meet Fleet, a brand-new mobile app that intends to make your next flight a whole lot breezier.

Think of Fleet like the much-beloved Waze—combining crowdsourced information, flight data, and airline data all in one place. With real-time flight updates on any flight in the world, alerts, store directories, and information regarding crowds throughout the airport, it'll make moving between terminals—from arrival to security to grabbing a snack before reaching your gate—a whole lot more efficient and stress-free. It also allows family and friends to keep tabs on your progress, so no more waiting around at the airport curb for your ride for ages.

Fleet is currently in beta and can be downloaded, for free, at the iTunes store.

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