This Is the One Bathroom Storage Idea You Have to Try


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Whether you’re one of the lucky few who has a bathroom with ample space and multiple sinks or you’re the kind of person whose bathroom feels more like a closet with plumbing (we’re right there with you), you can’t deny that bathroom storage is an endless battle. More often than not, mirrored medicine cabinets don’t store much more than a toothbrush, and under-the-sink storage is more or less a chaotic bottomless pit. 

But the storage solutions out there aren’t much better. Those old-fashioned over-the-toilet shelving units are never very aesthetically pleasing. And if you go entirely for aesthetics, you end up with a “storage” ladder that doesn’t do much more than add an element of rustic style to your space. So yeah, it's a rough terrain to navigate. 

But stylish and functional bathroom storage is possible; it just takes a little creativity. Meet our favorite bathroom storage solution of all: floating storage shelves. They’re functional, they’re stylish, and if you do them right, they can look just like something you’d find on your Pinterest feed. Plus, without brackets or bulky hardware, they're pretty streamlined, so you can fit them in any small space.

Without further ado, a selection of our favorite ways to style and organize with floating shelves. It's amazing what a few planks of wood can do.

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The Traditional Take

Floating shelves come in many shapes and sizes, but there’s nothing wrong with the classic. This thick pine option is minimally invasive, but it serves up maximal style. It’s a sturdy option that you know can hold almost anything, whether it’s your spare hand towels or your heavy hot tools. 

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Go Industrial

With bathrooms, simplicity reigns supreme. That’s why it’s a fitting place for industrial decorations. Here we love the effortless design of these matte black metal shelves. Sure, they look great empty, but we have a feeling they’d look even better filled up with wire bins full of skincare products. 

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Leaf It Up

We know: not all bathrooms are lucky enough to have natural light. Some don’t even have windows. But we’d be lying if we said shelves aren’t the perfect opportunity for some plant decoration. It’s okay if they’re fake—it’s the look you’re going for here.  

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Ditch the Mirror

A novel concept: a bathroom without mirrors. Sure, it might take some getting used to, but in the end it might be a refreshing way to start your morning out. To fill the void, add decorative floating shelves in a shape that mimics a traditional mirror.

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Fake a Built-In

Built-in shelves are the dream—but unless your landlord is your BFF, you probably don’t have such amenities ready for you when you move in. Get the same look by outfitting a bathroom nook with thin floating shelves in a light stained wood or a coordinating color to your wall. It’s basically the same thing, right?

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Keep Things Close By

We’ve all been there: we’re washing our face and forget a hair tie to pull back our loose ends, or we forget to grab the face lotion from our bedroom vanity. The solution: a small floating ledge that fits right in between the sink and mirror. It’s the perfect space to store small necessities from soap bottles to toothpaste—and of course a few hair ties. 

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Try the Unexpected

Sure, any old shelf can be long and rectangular. But if you’re looking to add major style points, it’s all about the unexpected geometry. This triangle-shape shelf presents the ultimate storage space for toilet paper, rolled up washcloths, or wool dryer balls. 

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Leave Room for Hooks

Shelves without the clunkiness of brackets mean there’s more room for storage below. We prefer hanging the shelves up high so there’s space for hooks underneath. Hang robes, towels, your charging cord for that one electric face brush you bought on a whim—the opportunities are endless.

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Easy Does It

If you err on the side of minimalism when it comes to bathroom products, smaller floating shelves are perfect. Use a small ledge to store hand soap so your sink-top can remain clean and clear. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Secure Your Assets

A traditional floating shelf is wonderful, don’t get us wrong. But sometimes we’re afraid of things rolling off the edge and shattering—especially that one glass serum bottle we splurged for at Sephora. To avoid any mishaps, go for a floating option with decorative bars to secure things in place while also adding a metallic accent.

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Tub Time

Freestanding tub? Give your bubbles, bath salts, and dry brushes a place to live until they’re needed. A shelf like this one is close enough to the tub that you can access everything while you’re relaxing in the water. Bonus: it doubles as a table top to place your phone or book so you don’t accidentally get anything wet. 

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Stick to a Color Theme

If you’re looking to treat your shelves as decor instead of storage, we love the idea of incorporating a color theme. Here, the black and white shelving coordinates well with the black, gray, and white decorative accents. Just add a white shower curtain and marbled toothbrush holder and it’s a mood. 

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Shower Caddy, Who?

Hanging shower caddies are certainly easy as far as installation goes, but they’re not the most attractive. Oftentimes, they can even put a strain on your shower head plumbing if your shampoo and conditioner are too heavy. To keep things close by, install a small floating shelf to hold all your soaps—and some eucalyptus if you’re into those vibes.

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A Home for Everything

Product hoarders, this one is for you. We get it, it’s hard to Marie Kondo your toiletries—particularly when there’s a specific use (and spark of joy) for each one. Instead of ditching your beloved products, give them a permanent home in a floating cubby. Complete with a mirror, it’s easy to transform a large shelf like this into a vanity with a home for each and every little part of your morning routine.

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