The One Thing a Fitness Expert Would Add to Your Exercise Regimen

Updated 06/19/17
The Chriselle Factor

If you're overhauling your fitness routine for summer, you've probably noticed the harder you push yourself, the more recovery time you need. Whether you're hitting the gym more often or partaking in more outdoor activities thanks to the improvement in weather, your body's been put under more stress than usual. Even if you're stretching before and after workouts and sticking to a nutritious protein-packed diet, there's one key component your exercise regimen is probably missing. A-list trainer and Taller, Slimmer, Younger author Lo Roxburgh says that now's the time to get rolling and invest in a foam roller.


Roxburgh explains on MindBodyGreen that your summer uptick in physical activity is leaving you with tight muscles and overworked fascia, or as she describes it, the "scaffolding of the body." Roxburgh underscores how the benefits of foam rolling go beyond soothing sore muscles. Rolling can help flush out toxins and even emotional energy that gets stuck in the body. "I often say rolling out is like giving yourself an internal juice cleanse, wringing out your tissue, helping your lymphatic system, which is the body's garbage disposal responsible for filtering and flushing toxins from your entire system," explains Roxburgh.

"Getting rid of these toxins is vital for that radiant glow and to help flush fat for that healthy summer body and spirit." So invest in the product (with a starting price of only $13) that will help your muscles repair themselves, keep inflammation at bay, and flush the body of the bad.

Do you already use a foam roller as a part of your exercise regimen? Share your favorite one with us in the comments.

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