These Delicious Salad Recipes Have the Best Online Reviews

We know they're healthy, but sometimes salads don't seem like the most exciting meal option. If you're tired of limp lettuce or struggle to feel full after chowing down on a bowl of greens, Food52 is about to change the way you think about the humble salad. 

The culinary authority turned to its community of 1.2 million home cooks to uncover the top-rated salad recipes that actually taste as good as they look. The best bit? Each recipe is packed with a multitude of hearty ingredients that won't leave you wanting for more. Think "chewy grains and silky beans and sprouts and rips of prosciutto, any seed and toasty nuts and eggs and pretzels and bright herbs."

Oh, and if you like these three top-rated recipes, you can find the full collection in Food52's new cookbook Mighty SaladsYour spring health-kick starts here.