8 Creative Food Bar Ideas That Take Minutes to Throw Together


Nicole Franzen

Choosing the right food bar for your special occasion means making a few important decisions. First, you want to pick an item most guests will love—a reason using sweets is a popular choice. You also want to consider the type of event. While most food bars consist of simple finger foods, more elevated dishes, like seafood or charcuterie, are apt at weddings and graduations, and fun riffs on brunch or side dishes are better suited to baby showers or casual birthday parties.

Food bars don't have to be complicated—in fact, it's the simple spreads that tend to go the quickest. They can be used alongside other food bars—a station for drinks, a station for snacks, and another for sweets—or stand alone. What's important here is providing a variety of options that satisfy sweet and savory palettes. It's always in good form to keep in mind different diet restrictions. After all, one of the best parts of having a station at your event is eliminating the single dining option that comes with a set dinner. Keep reading for eight creative food bar ideas that will inspire your next big event.

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