A Nutritionist Told Us the Best Foods to Eat in Winter

Updated 06/05/18
Jessica Sepel

Whether we are talking mac and cheese or spaghetti, there is nothing more cosy that curling up on the couch after a long day at work with a big bowl of your favourite comfort food. What isn’t so fun is the extra kilos eating like this over the winter months seems to bring. So in order to nip this ever-recurring issue in the bud, we called on nutritionist Jessica Sepel to tell us what she eats over the cooler months, because you can’t go wrong when following the lead of a nutritionist, lifestyle coach and best-selling author. Keep scrolling.


“In winter I prefer eating warming, cooked vegetables as opposed to salads. This might be some of my JSHealth Crispy Brussels Sprouts or some sautéed veggies in coconut oil.”

Jessica Sepel


“I also love to add spices to flavour my meals like cinnamon, curry spice, turmeric powder, and fennel seeds, and use good, warming oils like coconut oil or flax oil.”


“I make big batches of cauliflower or broccoli soup and keep it in the freezer for when I need a quick nourishing meal.”


Jessica Sepel


“My classic roast veggies of course!”


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