These Food52 Products Are So Good, Even the Brand's Buyer Brought Them Home

If there's one kitchen we'd love to raid, it's Kristina Wasserman's, buyer and merchandising manager at Food52. After all, it's her job to research and uncover the best kitchen accessories to feature in Food52's expertly curated shop. If there's a holy-grail cooking appliance, storage container, or accessory out there, chances are, she's tried it. "I started off buying across all categories, but this year have switched to solely focus on the kitchen, which is where my background is strongest," she tells us. "It's been really fun to fully concentrate on my favorite room of the home!"

Anyone who has perused Food52's shop knows that the products aren't just functional and durable—they're beautiful, too. "The first point of entry for me is aesthetic—the product must be beautiful, or so simple and utilitarian that it encapsulates its own special kind of beauty," she explains. "Once it can check this box, we also must prove that it’s useful. Is it an item that makes a task easier?" If the item isn't functional, she uses an approach Marie Kondo would surely approve of. "I like to ask myself if the presence of this item brings joy. Do you feel happy looking at it? It’s a simple, but important question." 

Of all the kitchen accessories Wasserman encounters as a buyer, these are the best-of-the-best that she had to take home. Here's why they belong in yours, too.