The Most Delectable Gifts for the Foodies in Your Life

Updated 11/30/18
Gifts for Foodies
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Who doesn't have a favorite foodie in their life? It might be the friend who hosts your gang's Friendsgiving year after year or the one you always turn to for restaurant recommendations. It might be the co-worker who randomly shows up at the office with baked delights for the department, or the one who splurged on Moon Juice the second Gwyneth Paltrow endorsed it.

Because not all food lovers are made equal, we sourced the best foodie gifts from the cheese lover to the avid baker. If you're feeling hard-pressed to find the perfect culinary gift—and can't quite splurge for that pizza oven your pal's dreaming of—then take a gander at this delicious gift guide. Find the prettiest bottle of olive oil we've ever seen alongside the ultimate truffle-tastic present. This list will serve you and your friends well.

The Olive Oil

Brightland Awake $37

This fancy olive oil isn't just about the pretty bottle, as many are. Bold arbequina olives take on the flavors of oak, beech, and birch, producing a wonderfully earthy and layered liquid.

The Chocolate

Mast Brothers Almond Butter Chocolate $72

Wrapped in artful modern packaging, these divine bars of chocolate have a silky smooth, buttery texture that creates a truly decadent experience.

Peugeot Chocolate Lacquer Paris U'Select Pepper Mill $62

Look no further. This is the pepper mill to end all pepper mills.

The Truffle Slicer

Urbani Metal Truffle Slicer $40

Truffle oil is nice and all, but why not spoil your friends with the real thing? Pair this slicer with fresh truffles, and they can go wild by topping risotto, salad, steak, or what-have-you with the decadent stuff.

The Gourmet Salt

Salt Traders Norduc Icelandic Sea Salt $25

These hand-raked, mineral-rich sea salt flakes get their crisp and unique flavor from the Arctic Ocean. Sprinkle it on everything.

The Small Appliance

KitchenAid Artisan Matte Black Stand Mixer
KitchenAid Artisan Matte Black Stand Mixer $500 $280

For the baking enthusiast, there is no better tool than the Rolls-Royce of kitchen appliances.

The Subscription

Daily Harvest Smoothie Subscription $75

Know a healthy foodie who's also short on time? Give them the perfect balanced breakfast every day: a subscription of ready-to-blend smoothies.

The Juicer

Hurom H-AE Slow Juicer $699

If you know someone who is into green juice, this slow juicer is the cream of the crop, and it will look good on their countertop.

The Game Changer

Popsockets Dove White Marble $10

For the foodie who loves testing out new recipes, this affordable smartphone accessory will make it infinitely easier for them to prop up their phone as they scrolling through the instructions. 

The Chef's Knife

Misen Chef's Knife $65

Why own a dozen knives when one can do the job? Misen's Japanese-style hybrid blade will cut anything from paper-thin slices to rough chops.

The Condiment

Mikuni Wild Harvest Haku Japanese Shoyu $28

Shoyu is essentially a Japanese-style soy sauce. Add its delicate umami flavor to anything from stir-fries to spaghetti sauces.

The Cream of the Crop

Fisher & Paykel Freestanding Gas Range

Want to treat someone this year? It doesn't get much better than Fisher & Paykel's selection of gas ranges.

Pricing available upon request from the brand.

Cathy's Concepts Monogram Apron
Cathy's Concepts Monogram Apron $66

For the born entertainer to the avid grill master, this heavy-duty apron can be monogrammed so you'll always know who's the boss in the kitchen.

The Bouquet

Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet $50

Forget flowers—just add some brie, and your pal's got a wine-and-cheese night waiting to happen.

The Pan

Field Company Skillet $125

A lightweight skillet crafted like a vintage cast-iron pan will be your favorite cook's go-to pan.

The Cookbook

Athena Calderone Cook Beautiful $35 $24

For a great cookbook with recipes you'll actually want to make, look no further than Athena Calderone's Cook Beautiful.

The Cheese Board

Snowe Cheese Board $70

Every cheese lover needs a great cheese board. This American-made walnut number is one of our favorites.

The Cooking Set

Premier 10-Pc. Space-Saving Hard Anodized Non-Stick Cookware Set, Created for Macy's
Calphalon Premier Space-Saving Hard Anodized Non-Stick Cookware Set $590 $470

Know an avid cook who lives in a tiny apartment? This stackable cooking set is a true game changer for organized kitchens.

The Vinegars

Kolossos Green Organic Wine Vinegar Trio $32

A few drops of a quality vinegar can make all the difference when it comes to making a meal sing. This would be a fun addition to anyone's pantry.

This story was originally published on December 16, 2014, and has since been updated.

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