This Surprising Habit Is Wreaking Havoc on Your Sleep

We all know that a healthy diet rich in good fats and leafy greens will improve our brain function (especially this) and boost our energy levels, but are you aware that certain foods can also improve your sleep and reset your REM cycle? If you're feeling tired all the time, it might be time to reconsider your evening meals and incorporate some of these common pantry items to your grocery cart.

To improve your sleep hygiene and become a cleaner sleeper (yes, that's really a thing, and it's Gwyneth-approved), we tapped holistic nutritionist Sarah Britton, BFA, CNP, founder of My New Roots, and author of cookbooks My New Roots and Naturally Nourished, who has made a career of helping people improve their physical, nutritional, emotional, and physical lives through food. Ready to start sleeping better? Try these foods for sleep and ramp up your slumber to the maximum dream state.