Hormones Out of Whack? A Doctor Would Prescribe These 3 Surprising Foods

Updated 05/06/19
foods that balance hormones

You are what you eat. Okay, not literally, but we do feel better or worse depending on which foods we decide to put in our bodies. It goes without saying that our hormones are also affected. While we've covered hormone health extensively, we were a bit surprised by hormone expert Danielle Cook's food recommendations to combat hormone imbalance. "I've found that what you eat not only makes a difference in your overall health but can also have a dramatic impact on your reproductive hormones," she explains over on Mindbodygreen.

Below, read up on the three unexpected foods Cross recommends to treat PMS, mood swings, water retention, and fatigue.

Green tea: High levels of estrogen can cause breast cancer; a study found that women who drank green tea regularly had lower blood estrogen levels than those who didn’t. (We like this green tea, which actually has a kick of cinnamon).

Rosemary: Add a pinch to your dinner every night. This spice helps detoxify your estrogen—which means it makes sure that the estrogen in your body is "good" and not "bad."

Mushrooms: Add some mushrooms to your omelet or salad. This veggie actually stops you from producing too much estrogen.

Be sure to read about the one food a hormone expert would cut from your diet, and share your go-to hormone healthy food in the comments below. 

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