Suffer From Migraines? Stop Eating These 3 Foods


Do you suffer from chronic migraine headaches? One solution you may not have looked into is dietary triggers, which are often overlooked when it comes to these painful, debilitating headaches, says Gary Kaplan, DO. The founder and medical director of the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine and author of Total Recovery recommends following specific food guidelines as a strategy for avoiding migraines. In addition to focusing on a dietary intake of healthy superfoods packed with omega-3s, magnesium, folic acid, and vitamin B, Kaplan suggests a handful of foods that migraine sufferers should avoid, including the following three, in a recent post on Mindbodygreen.

Baked goods: Whether you are sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease, even the smallest amount of gluten can set off an inflammatory response in your body, says Kaplan, resulting in intestinal and neurological problems—including migraines.

Processed meats: As Kaplan explains, the food preservatives sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite, found in processed meats, increase the nitric oxide levels in our bodies, increasing the likelihood of migraine headaches.

MSG: Even if you're wary of Chinese food, you could be consuming monosodium glutamate in a variety of other ways—from salad dressings to chips to canned tuna. Reducing your intake of processed and packaged foods and cutting down on how often you dine out can help lower your intake of MSG, says Kaplan.

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