Burgers, Pudding, and Other Surprisingly Hydrating Foods

Some people walk the earth with a certain glow about them. We think those are the ones who drink a lot of water. Unfortunately, hectic schedules and a general lack of acknowledgement about the powerful impact of staying hydrated prevent a lot of us from consuming enough of the life source. The truth is even mild dehydration can drain your energy resources enormously. Every single system in your body requires water to function, and when you skimp on your water intake, your body reacts—in a very negative way. Studies show that fluid loss can impair both your mood and concentration. Life is draining enough! Who wants to waste a precious weekend feeling too fatigued to function… because of dehydration?!

The trick to never feeling dehydrated again? Eat your water! We’ve rounded up a list of 12 surprisingly hydrating foods that will help you reach your water quota (at least eight eight-ounce glasses) every day.