Tired? These Surprising Foods Could Be the Culprit

It might seem counterintuitive, but if you're low in energy, don't reach for an energy bar. According to Prevention, protein and nut bars can be loaded with sweeteners such as brown rice syrup, which your body will process like a candy bar. Stock your top drawer with fruit or nut bars made from natural ingredients, and be sure to check that sugar isn't the first ingredient listed. 

Fruit smoothies might seem like a healthy choice, but not all are created equal. A Starbucks Orange Mango Smoothie contains 37 grams of sugar, pushing you well over your recommended daily sugar intake and wreaking havoc on energy levels. Boost the nutritional profile of a smoothie by adding vegetables and a source of protein or healthy fat, such as avocado. 

Yogurt can be a natural, balanced source of energy, but fat-free varieties often overcompensate with sugar. Instead, reach for Greek yogurt, which contains double the blood sugar-stabilizing protein as normal yogurt. 

Coffee might seem like an instant energy fix, but studies show that sipping a cup of joe in the afternoon could drastically change your quality of sleep. Aim to drink your morning latte before midday, and avoid caffeine later in the day for quality shut-eye.

Shop the canisters below to give healthy snacks a chic countertop home, then visit Prevention to read the full story. 

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