Want to Stress Less? Eat These Foods Every Day

Are you feeling maxed out? Is work making you feel stressed instead of inspired? We can relate. Life certainly feels like it's hurtling forward faster than we can comprehend right now. And we're not alone: Millions of Americans are just as overwhelmed and nearing burnout—it might be time to give these up in order to be happy. In fact, in a Huffington Post report, the World Health Organization labeled workplace stress as the "health epidemic of the 21st century and estimated to cost American businesses up to $300 billion a year."

If your cortisol levels are a little out of whack, we have a simple remedy to keep them in the happiness zone: food. Yes, we know, it's common sense, but keeping your stress in check really is as simple as adding a few key staples to your diet every day. And we're not talking overpriced superfoods or wellness trends either. Ahead, health and nutrition expert Jess Barron of Livestrong.com shares the top anti-inflammatory foods to reduce stress. Isn't it time you looked after yourself?