The 12 Foods to Avoid While Pregnant, According to a Nutritionist

We've heard the rumors that there are certain foods to avoid while pregnant, but has this changed since our parents' time? After all, we know that the methods for laying baby in the crib seem to change year by year (on their stomach, side, swaddled, not swaddled), so we figured this might be a similar situation. And if there are still no-no foods once you conceive, we're hoping to figure out some awesome alternatives to get through the next nine months.

That's why we decided to tap Juliana Shalek, MS, RD, CDN, and founder of The Nutrition Suite, to break down some rules regarding which foods you should ban from your pregnancy diet. "I always tell my clients 'what you eat, baby eats—so make it count!'" she tells MyDomaine. She explains that there are some foods moms-to-be should steer clear of (more on that below), but she also advises against the "eating for two mentality." In fact, she says you should only really be increasing your food intake beginning in the second trimester, but you should be trying to follow a more nutritious diet all nine months.

Pro tip: If you're not used to healthier foods, Shalek suggests incorporating them bit by bit. "Pregnancy is already a very stressful time, so I encourage clients to make small, manageable changes so they do not become overwhelmed," she says. That being said, there are 12 key foods to avoid while pregnant (a few are drinks), but don't worry because Shalek has tips and tricks for great alternatives so you won't miss a thing. Keep reading to see the top food swaps to make as soon as your pregnancy test is positive.