Never Buy These Items at Whole Foods, According to a Former Employee

Updated 09/29/17
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foods to avoid at whole foods

Whole Foods manages to include the world's most coveted flavors, superfoods, and signature dishes into your run-of-the-mill neighborhood supermarket. But, as any health food enthusiast can attest, making the entire globe your oyster doesn't come cheap. With that said, there are certain unique offerings that are well worth your hard-earned cash at Whole Foods (like the non-dairy milk selection, for example), while other sections of the store should be avoided entirely.

According to SheFinds, the meat and produce sections at Whole Foods should be avoided like the plague. Quoting a Reddit user who worked in the meat section, the bakery, the prepared foods section, and the produce section at the popular market for just under four years, Whole Foods "jacks up their prices, even for conventional produce like bananas."

The user insists you buy your meat and produce at a local market instead, even suggesting you "go out of your way" to avoid purchasing chicken and what she calls "ethnic meats" (e.g. kielbasa, chorizo, etc.) at the popular health foods store. "[Chicken] is $6.99 per pound at Whole Foods, compared to $2.99 per pound elsewhere. It's crazy."

Check out the original Reddit thread for the detailed list of Whole Foods dos and don'ts, and stock up on fresh meat and produce at FreshDirect instead.

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