3 Foods a Nutritionist Wants You to Eat for Your Best Sleep Ever

Updated 05/06/19

A proper night's sleep is one of the most effective ways to keep you at your best and most productive. Unfortunately, falling into a deep and restorative slumber does not always come easily. Whether it's anxiety about the workday ahead, loud neighbors, or overstimulation from a late-night scroll through your social media feeds, there are plenty of factors that can keep you up at night. While some aspects may feel out of your control, one thing you are in control of is the food you eat before you turn in for the night.

Lisa Gatenby, RD, believes that a good diet can have an impact on your sleep cycle. While some foods like sugary or starchy snacks, caffeine, and alcohol can disrupt your sleep, Gatenby believes others can help lull you into a peaceful slumber. Here are the three foods she recommends eating before bed for your best sleep ever, according to Business Insider.

1. Milk. Milk has long been associated with a good night's sleep, but it turns out there is scientific evidence to support its ability to help people doze off. "Milk is shown to help our muscles relax and thereby helps the body relax and get ready to sleep," says Gatenby.

2. Brazil nuts. According to Gatenby, brazil nuts contain selenium, a nutrient that benefits things like cognitive function, hair, nails, the immune system, and fertility. She suggests grabbing about three brazil nuts before bed.

3. Carbohydrates. Because carbohydrates contain serotonin, a chemical that causes a feeling of contentment, Gatenby advises finding a way to incorporate this macronutrient into your dinner. Think sweet potatoes, rice, or pasta.

Head to Business Insider for the full story, and read up on more ways to get your best night's sleep next.

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