If You Aren't Eating These Foods, Your Digestion May Pay the Price

There are many different lifestyle habits and environmental factors that can cause constipation. Things like infrequent exercise and travel can throw off our systems, for example. Because it's digestion issue, monitoring your diet and watching out for low-fiber foods are essential to healthy bowel movements. First things first, you should steer clear of the basic BRAT diet, which is recommended for people recovering from an upset stomach. While that may seem obvious, you'd be surprised how often people confuse the bland diet with a constipation-friendly diet since some of the ingredients do actually contain fiber in them.

Next, look out for foods that are high in insoluble dietary fiber, such as legumes, seeds, and some fruits and vegetables. According to the UCSF Medical Center, because the fiber in these foods doesn't dissolve in water, eating them can speed up your intestines, clean out your colon, and keep your bowel movements regular by helping your body digest and eliminate waste. In that sense, you can think of some insoluble fiber-rich foods as natural alternatives to laxatives that are also easy to cook with for healthy and delicious eating all day long. Scroll through to find out the best five foods to eat when constipated, plus corresponding recipes to flush out your system. And don't forget to drink plenty of fluids!

For BreakfastOats

Foods to Eat When Constipated
Minimalist Baker

Whole grain cereals and rolled oats are a great breakfast option as long as they have at least five grams of fiber. This recipe from Minimalist Baker is particularly great because it also contains another high-fiber food: dried strawberries. Thanks to the coconut, it's naturally sweet and definitely not your boring bowl of bran.

For LunchAsparagus

Highest Fiber Foods
The First Mess

Get your spiralizers ready! This vibrant green salad recipe from The First Mess is the perfect thing to eat for lunch when you want to stay satisfied for a long time without eating something too heavy. Doused in a delicious white onion cream sauce, this noodle salad of zucchini noodles, roasted asparagus, and kale is the tastiest way to get your fiber fix.

For SnackArtichokes

High Fiber Food
Half Baked Harvest

Okey dokey, artichokey, when it comes to fiber-rich veggies, you cannot beat this thistle-like finger food. Well, technically it's a flower, but as one of the only thistles cultivated as a food, artichokes have about seven grams of fiber. Make this mouthwatering recipe from Half Baked Harvest to enjoy your artichokes as a snack or as a side with your dinner.

For DinnerBrussel Sprouts

Pasta Salads
Foodie Crush

Even though refined carbs aren't recommended when your digestive system is backed up, you can bring fiber-rich veggies into the mix. This light and delicious spaghetti recipe from Foodie Crush fits the bill, especially if you opt for whole grain pasta instead of classic noodles. Packed with asparagus, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli, it's the best of both worlds. Even better? You can make it all in one pot.

For DessertFruits

Raspberry Recipes
Mitzy at Home

With eight grams of fiber in a cup of raspberries and four grams of fiber in apples, these are two of the best foods to eat when constipated. These yummy raspberry-glazed hazelnut apple muffins from Mitzy at Home will do the trick for your digestion and sweet tooth alike.

We suggest grabbing a fork to eat these fruit-filled muffins warm with a bowl of raspberries. 

What foods do you cook with to keep regular? Share your tips for healthy digestion in the comment section below. 

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