6 "Healthy" Foods a Nutritionist Never Eats

When you're constantly bombarded with the latest health fads and wellness trends, trying to separate the ones that are actually healthy from the ones that aren't can be a veritable gamble; one day they're in, and the next day they're out. The same fickle nature applies to food too. That pineapple mango juice you thought was loaded with nutrients actually contains almost eight teaspoons of sugar

So to help us decipher the good from the bad, we consulted holistic nutritionist, health coach, and founder of Frolic and Flow, Carly Brawner, to finally set the record straight. As someone who helps people transition to a real food diet, we know she's encountered a few of these so-called "healthy" foods along the way. Ahead, she shares the common food items disguised as healthy and why we should minimize them in our diet.