10 Foods to Take to the Beach (So You Can Sunbathe and Chill)


Foodie Crush

As blissful as a warm beach day can be, it can also come with its own supply of stressors. Applying sunscreen evenly, finding a parking space, and generally ensuring that a swimsuit stays in place can all be enough to make our temperatures rise. So when sand happens to sneak its way into our freshly bought food, it's only natural that we tend to respond like a foghorn.

Instead of waiting until you're steps from the waves to buy lunch—which is either stored in flimsy takeout boxes or open to the elements—pack a few items that can be easily stowed away until you're ready to eat. We've picked out 10 easy foods to take to the beach, complete with recipes that you can re-create with a little planning and a trusty cooler. Once other beachgoers see your delicious spread, they may wish for a seat under your umbrella.