3 Healthy Foods You Didn't Know Contain Gluten

Updated 05/08/19
Half Baked Harvest

Completely cutting out gluten from your life is no easy feat. And while it's estimated that only 1% of the population actually suffers from celiac disease, many more have tried to eliminate gluten from their diets to reap the health benefits. Though the trend has meant an increase of gluten-free options on the market, when shopping outside of these labeled varieties, gluten can prove extremely difficult to avoid. With all the processed foods today, it can turn up in the most unsuspected places. Prevention, which recently highlighted surprising sources of gluten, notes that it's present in many ingredients, hiding out in everything from fillers to thickeners to emulsifiers.

But it isn't just processed foods that are harboring gluten—it's sometimes the healthy ones as well. Here we've listed three of the surprising gluten-sources named.

Dried fruits and nuts: Your go-to fueling snack could actually contain gluten due to cross-contamination of the food-processing equipment. Prevention recommends sticking with dried fruits and nuts labeled as gluten-free.

Herbal supplements: Your healthful habit to boost your nutrient intake could be adding gluten to your diet through the starches in some supplements. Ask your pharmacist to determine what exactly is in the supplements you're taking.

Sushi: This popular cuisine could be a sneaky source of gluten due to imitation crabmeat containing starch (and other fillers) and soy sauce, which contains wheat as a thickener. Avoid gluten by sticking to non-imitation fish and tamari soy sauce, a wheat-free variation.

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