These 3 Foods Make for the Best Household Cleaning Hacks

Updated 05/06/19
Cleaning Hacks
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We’re all about doing more with less, and finding creative ways to clean up in a pinch definitely tops our list. Aside from the fact that cleaning supplies can cost a pretty penny, some also contain pungent, toxic chemicals that aren’t exactly good for you.

Instead of stocking up monthly on the brands you grew up with or searching for natural cleaning products, why not use the foods you probably have stocked up in your fridge? Many household staples are double as foods you can clean with. House BeautifulThanks to , here are three foods that you can use as all-natural household cleaners to keep your home looking pristine.


Lemons could be considered the jack-of-all-trades of DIY cleaners. From lifting stains from your cutting board to cleaning out a garbage disposal, you can use a lemon wedge to freshen or lighten up almost anything around the house. You can even try adding it to your morning glass of water for a refreshing metabolism boost.

Coffee Grounds

Not only does coffee have the transformative power of waking you up every weekday morning, but it’s also a pretty miraculous household cleaner, if you know how to use it. According to Good Housekeeping, coffee grounds—even used ones—can act as a freezer deodorizer, plant fertilizer, hand soap, and hard-hitting dish cleaner.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is the foundation of almost every homemade dish, in addition to a central ingredient in most DIY face or hair masks. And you can now add “home cleaner” to that list. According to House Beautiful, this extremely versatile fat also makes for a great stainless steel cleaner and will leave your kitchen sink or refrigerator looking fresh. What’s more, it will also keep water marks from showing up in the future.
For the full list of foods, you can clean with head over to House Beautiful.

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