America’s Wealthiest Include 17 Billionaires Under Age 40

Tech is king, and the proof is in the numbers. This year's Forbes 400 list proves that in addition to this, our nation's billionaire class is getting younger. Last year, 11 under-40 billionaires made the list. In 2015, that number has risen to 17. One individual—Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame—has even cracked the top 10, with $40.3 billion to his name. Other Facebook moguls, namely Sean Parker, 35, and Dustin Moskovitz, 31, made the list, alongside Snapchat creators Evan Spiegel, 25 years old and the youngest on this list, and Bobby Murphy, 28. Jan Kuom, 39, of WhatsApp, also made the list, as did Airbnb founders Nathan Blecharczyk, 32; Brian Chesky, 34; and Joe Gebbia, 34.

The only under-40 female to make the list was 31-year-old Elizabeth Holmes, the founder and CEO of blood-testing company Theranos, and America's richest self-made female billionaire. (You go, girl.)

Head to Forbes to see the complete list of the under-40 billionaires.

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