A Working Mom Gets Real on the Importance of Celebrating Herself

“I’m deeply interested in the stories of others and how we all connect,” LaTonya Yvette Staubs tells us. Which is no surprise, considering how unabashedly real the stylist, writer, New Yorker, and mother of two gets on her site and on Instagram. Her candor on relationships and the lessons she’s learned as a mom are especially refreshing in a time when most people only share their highlight reel, leaving out the challenging moments that occur between the Instagram-worthy ones (okay, we love those too).

Eager to learn from the Brooklyn-based entrepreneur (who, by the way, has one of the chicest apartments we’ve seen yet), we sat down with Staubs to talk work ethic (she’s been working on her craft since she was a teenager), her ability to “squeeze lemonade out of anything,” and why she’s not waiting for her next big accomplishment to treat herself to diamond jewelry from the new Forevermark Tribute Collection. Her motto? “When you decide to work on yourself then you get to celebrate yourself,” she tells us. Preach, girl. Now onto more wise words of advice…