The 7 Keys to Making Your Foyer Five Star–Worthy

Your foyer is the first and last thing you see when walking through your front door, so it should leave you feeling nothing short of inspired, organized, and on top of your game. After all, there's nothing worse than coming home after a long day to an uninspiring space filled with unopened mail, piles of shoes, and other miscellaneous junk waiting to be stored away. While your life might be running a million miles an hour, your foyer should be a space to pause, reflect, and get re-energized.

In other words: It should serve as a portal for your overall well-being, whether you're about to tackle a busy day or getting ready to unwind at night. So how do you make such a traditionally small space feel invigorating and perfectly organized? With clever organization, pieces that serve a purpose, and impactful accents, you'll be on your way to the ultimate entryway. Ready to come home to your dream space? These foyer décor ideas are here to help.

Start With Seating

Foyer Decor Ideas — Bench
Courtesy of Studio McGee

Think function first: Of course you want your foyer to be bold and beautiful, but you also want it to serve its purpose. Start with an entryway bench for people to sit on, coupled with a set of hooks for anything from hats to handbags. Then you can start building to create the space you'll love.

leather director's bench
CB2 Leather Director's Bench $449

Layer Up

Foyer Decor Ideas — Console Table

The key to a truly beautiful entryway: layering. For instance, a console table will always look more put together with a pair of baskets or stools underneath it, and a mirror or artwork above it. The goal isn't to over-accessorize, but rather to add items that are both purposeful and beautiful.

Work From the Ground Up

Foyer Decor Ideas — Vintage Rug
Tessa Neustadt ; DESIGN: Amber Interiors

If there's one item that can instantly transform the look of your foyer, it's an antique rug. Worn-out Turkish rugs have a certain texture and dimension that's often hard to find in entryways, particularly ones that have blank walls and not too much architectural impact.

Amber Interiors Amanda Rug $6400

Make a Statement

Foyer Decor Ideas — Bold Statement
Douglas Friedman/Trunk Archive

The foyer is not the place to be subtle or neutral. Create a statement by adding a bold pop of color or a striking geometrical pattern. Or use the power of repetition to create your statement: In this space, the black-and-white color palette is repeated in the arched doorway, the floors, and the artwork while the fine lines in the chair wiring are repeated in the painting above.

Platner Armchair- Leather
Knoll Platner Armchair $3680 $3301

Make Art Your Focus

Foyer Decor Ideas — Art
Pernille Loof/Trunk Archive

Take advantage of the wall facing you when you walk in by hanging your favorite piece of art. This is the first thing people will see when they walk into your home, so it should be personable and purposeful. Starting with artwork is also an easy way to build a coherent color scheme for the space.

Johanna Tagada "Moment 03" $700

Add an Accent Chair

Sean Litchfield ; DESIGN: Homepolish

Benches and stools are usually the preferred foyer seating, but an accent chair can also be exactly what's missing in your foyer, especially if you have an awkward corner. Use it to put down your bag when you get home or to sit down and lace your shoes up in the morning.

Normann Copenhagen Form Armchair $549

Light It Up

Tessa Neustadt ; DESIGN: Amber Interiors

Don't just resort to a boring flush-mount light fixture—pick a pendant that will make a statement and cast a flattering light on your space (and don't forget to put it on a dimmer). If you can only have one light source in the space, better make it a good one.

Urban Electric Co. Urban Smokebell Pendant $2231

Next up: one entryway, three prices—how to decorate for any budget.

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