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20 Keys to Making Your Foyer Five Star–Worthy


Calimia Home

Your foyer is the first and last thing you see when walking through your front door, so it should leave you feeling inspired, organized, and on top of your game. After all, there's nothing worse than coming home after a long day to a messy space with unopened mail, piles of shoes, or other miscellaneous items waiting to be stored away. While your life may be running at a million miles per hour, your foyer décor should create a space to pause, reflect, and get re-organized.

Whether you're about to tackle a busy day or unwind at night, make this traditionally small space feel invigorating. With clever organization, pieces that serve a purpose, and impactful accents, you'll be on your way to the ultimate entryway.

Read on to get inspired by foyer decoration ideas to turn your front door into a portal to your favorite space.

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Start With Seating


Studio McGee

Think function first: Of course you want your foyer to be bold and beautiful, but you also want it to serve its purpose. Start with an entryway bench to sit on, take off your shoes, and get comfortable at home. Couple it with a set of hooks for anything from hats to handbags, and even hang a special set for keys. If your foyer's architecture is particularly unique, avoid blocking those statement aspects with furniture.

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Layer Up


Amy Bartlam

The key to a truly beautiful entryway is layering. For instance, a console table will always look more put together with a pair of baskets or stools underneath it and a mirror or artwork hanging gracefully above. The goal isn't to over-accessorize, but rather to add items that are both purposeful and beautiful—like this balanced space that plays on both symmetry and a neutral color scheme.

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Make Art Your Focus


Anne Sage

Take advantage of wide foyer walls by sprucing up neutral tones with artwork. Since it's the first thing guests will see when they walk into your home, let it be both personal and purposeful. This long entry table serves as storage for necessities and décor, while a rustic accent chair commands interest from the first glance.

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Mix and Match Décor


Ashley Montgomery

A great way to add visual interest and change up your design is to mix and match different styles of décor in the same space. Style a sleek, modern table in your foyer with antique accents, then think about your color palette to start accessorizing. In this space, minimal black pieces stand out against all-white walls and polished items, while texture plays a part in the artwork and woven bowl for keys.

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Hang the Essentials


Cathie Hong Interiors

One of the most necessary components of any functional entryway is storage. If you're not one for standard wall hooks, try switching it up by hanging cylindrical pegs of varying sizes. By keeping the materials standard throughout, you'll make for a cohesive look that blends together with dynamic shapes. Pair them with a simple bench seat for taking off shoes at the end of the day and a natural mirror to bring warmth to bright spaces while reflecting light.

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Choose Your Theme


Amy Bartlam

Themed décor is usually reserved for large, open areas with plenty of room for maximal style, but this entryway packs big personality into a small space. With a Southwestern-inspired rug and throw pillows, it transports guests into the landscape from the first step inside. Natural wood grains and patterned upholstery make a simple bench into a statement piece, while large windows allow plenty of natural light to filter into the room.

When you're working with themes based on a landscape or specific region, incorporate local plant life into your design, like this colorful cactus that perfectly matches the Southwestern vibe.

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Make a Statement


Michelle Berwick

This foyer isn't focused on subtlety with its beautifully tiled floors, but it contrasts neutral walls with a soft color palette. Create a statement by adding a bold pop of color or a striking geometrical pattern, or use the power of repetition to create your statement. In this space, the mint green tones are repeated throughout the hallway, coating the floors, doors, and decorative pieces. Offset by warm pink hues in stacked photographs climbing up the built-in shelving, this sleek space feels anything but bare.

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Play With Shapes


Brophy Interiors

A foyer doesn't have to be filled with decorations or furniture to create interesting visuals. This space plays on the element of shape by pairing a bold rectangular bench with an oversized round mirror. A long orange throw pillow brings a pop of color into the minimalist design, while woven seating on the bench adds texture and warmth alike. To exaggerate shapes in your space, be sure to choose mirrors or pictures with frames that contrast your wall color.

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Designate Floor Space


Charlie Coull Design

For an effect that brings the technique of color blocking to the floor, tile the main section of your foyer to separate it from the rest of your home. This modern design uses floor-to-ceiling cabinetry to create plenty of storage while accenting the white doors with warm wood tones. The patterned tile floor brings plenty of personality to the room to complement its strong lines and the matte colors of the architecture.

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Reflect With Mirrors


Calimia Home

Especially in small rooms, mirrors can make a big difference—both in the style and the feel of the room. A large round mirror extends the space of this foyer while bringing warmth to white walls, balancing a long console table with textured décor. The bold green paint on the front door is a lively aspect that adds vibrance to the design, while natural elements keep things neutral to let statement colors stand out.

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Hang a Gallery


Calimia Home

Your home is all about your personality, so why not use the foyer as an opportunity to express it with a gallery wall? Choose your favorite artwork, family photos, or memorable moments to display right by the door. For a clean, bright finish, use frames that match your wall color to effortlessly blend texture into the space without overwhelming an airy design.

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Accent With Area Rugs


Calimia Home

For open areas with minimalist design, choose a large area rug to complete the room. Round rugs in square rooms exaggerate the corners while bringing attention to the center of the space. This fresh, clean foyer with white walls, trim, and décor is exceptionally inviting, with woven accents placed throughout the room. A style this soothing makes coming home not only relaxing but an experience in itself.

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Lead the Way


Casa Watkins Living

If your foyer consists of a long hallway, use the architecture to your advantage by styling a long runner rug along the floor. Runners draw the eye to the end of the hall, and this space points to a maximalist dining area that's begging for a glance. Soft blue paint on the walls contrasts with the warmer colors in the rug, while natural railings on the staircase add a playful but inviting effect.

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Work From the Ground Up


Michelle Berwick

If there's one item that can instantly transform the look of your foyer, it's an antique rug. Worn traditional rugs have a certain texture and dimension that's hard to duplicate in small spaces—particularly in foyers with white walls and simple architecture. Style the rug with lush greenery for the complete look, and choose natural finishes for other elements in the space like these wooden closet doors (with an abundance of storage behind them).

After choosing your rug, take the design a step further by painting the inside of your front door to complement its brighter accent colors.

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Light It Up


Brophy Interiors

Don't just resort to a standard flush-mount light fixture; pick a pendant that makes a statement to cast a flattering light on your space (and don't forget the dimmers). Choose one large light for wide-open spaces, or triple up in slim areas by leading pendants down the hall. These layered glass globes hang gracefully above a softly patterned wallpaper while drawing attention to the custom wooden ceilings above.

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Stay Bright


Calimia Home

To embrace the minimalist style, paint your entire entryway in bright white tones. Switch the color up a few shades to paint your trim for an impact with texture, and complement white walls with classic marble floors. A simple vase with white flowers sits atop a bold black entry table in this space to add hints of color while complementing the shape of the stairs.

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Make Room for Storage


Anne Sage

This foyer table has plenty of room for necessities (like extra shoes, umbrellas, keys, and hats) while keeping the overall look sleek and clean. A tall abstract painting adds balance to the room, staged alongside a white textured lamp that blends into the walls. Small decorative items with lush leaves bring color to the space, while the wood grain of the table feels natural and inviting.

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Add an Accent Chair


Brophy Interiors

Benches and stools are usually the preferred foyer seating, but an accent chair might be what you're missing. If you have awkward corners or bold shapes in your home's architecture, opt for chairs that play on the room's shapes, like these rounded chairs staged in front of strong, straight lines. Double up with bright colors for an interesting effect, or keep it simple with neutral tones that blend with the rest of the room.

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Show Off Your Finds


Amy Bartlam

Thrifters and professional designers alike know the value of a good design find, and this entry table is a perfect example. Topped with unique décor for a flair of personality, this table is the star of the show. Pair your favorite items with neutral colors and minimal furniture to make them the center of focus in your space.

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Display a Collection


Charbonneau Interiors

If you have a collection of special items, put them on display for guests to admire at the front of your home. This antique cabinet is the perfect setting for an arrangement of bowls, mugs, vases, and plates. Match your furniture with other accents in the room like this stairway's railings, and use patterns to add character with a touch of your personal style.