Here's How to Get 5-Star Hotel Service on Vacation (for Free)

Updated 01/24/18

Each vacation is a chance to escape reality, if only for a few days. You can take it a step further by pulling out all the stops and paying the big bucks for the ultimate luxury experience, or you can take some sage advice from the travel experts at and get aspects of the royal treatment free of charge. As Business Insider reports, there are a few simple things you can ask for when checking into a hotel to get the most out of your time off without blowing your savings. Also, it never hurts to tip the staff to receive the best treatment—this one's tried and true.

For more tips and tricks, here's what you need to know before booking your next hotel stay:

1. Check in late. According to the experts, the everyday traveler books a standard room. So the later you check in, the greater the chance of a hotel running out of standard rooms and you ending up with a room upgrade free of charge.

2. Review your stay. "Guest reviews and social media exposure are so important to hotels these days," one expert shared. They suggest letting them know at check in that you intend to review your stay and tag the hotel on social media while you're there. You could end up with upgrades and exclusive opportunities if the hotel knows you'll be sharing about your trip.

3. Order off of the pillow menu. If you're picky about your pillows, you'll be happy to learn that many hotels offer pillow menus to provide guests with an array of options, which you can always ask for. "The front desk usually has a huge selection from super firm to melty marshmallow," says one expert.

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