This Is Exactly How to Make Over Your Living Room for Free

Giving your living room a must-needed refresh doesn't have to mean a full-blown overhaul. You can make your space feel its best without having to worry about repainting or replacing major furniture.

The solution? Give your space a much-needed refresh without having to spend a dime. We promise you that it's possible. Whether you get creative with your layout or put your leftover paint cans to good use, we have the step-by-step guide you need to make your living room feel brand-new in a matter of hours without having to spend a single penny. Ready to see your living room in a brand-new light? Follow these affordable living room ideas and overhaul your space before your next dinner party.

Cut Out All Clutter

Budget Decorating Ideas
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Before you add anything new to your living room, try decluttering. Sometimes, you can make a space feel brand-new just by removing the tchotchkes and clutter that make the space feel tired. First, take away everything from your space, and then add back only what you truly need and love.

Arrange Your Coffee Table

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Style your coffee table and bookcases with items you already have around the house to make your space feel more polished. Stack some coffee table books, display a candle or vase you love, and corral items into a tray. These little details will make your space feel more put together.

Change Your Layout

Budget Decorating Ideas — Living Room Layout
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One of the easiest ways to transform your room without buying anything is to change up your layout. Try placing your sofa underneath your window. Have sofas laid out in an L-shape? Try having them face each other. Bring chairs from other rooms into the space to create a more conversational environment. Sometimes, even the smallest tweaks can make a huge difference.

Use Your Leftover Paint

Living Room Décor
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Interior designers always say that paint is one of the easiest ways to transform a room, but paint can also be expensive and time-consuming. Instead of repainting your entire living room, try using leftover paint to create contrast with your moldings, doors, or window frames. It's a quick project that can make quite an impact.

Cover Up Your Old Sofa

Budget Decorating Tips
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Hate your sofa but don't have the budget for a new one? Try draping a blanket or throw over it to instantly give it a new life. This instant trick can refresh your entire living room look, and it's basically free if you already have the right throw at home.

Decorate With Backyard Branches

Living Room Decorating Ideas
Lu Tapp

No budget for elaborate flower arrangements? Try picking up a few leafy branches outside and displaying them in a vase. Tall greenery always adds an instant statement in a room that doesn't have to cost much (if anything at all).

Hang Your Curtains Higher

Living Room Décor — Curtains
Courtesy of Studio Ashby

Does your room feel dark and your windows small? Your curtains might be hung incorrectly. To give your living room more natural light, rehang your curtains higher—at ceiling height—and make sure that the pole is extended wide enough for the curtains to sit on the outside of the window frame. If your curtains are too short to reach the floor, try sewing on a contrasting border to the bottom.

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