24 Free Things to Do That Prove You Don't Need Money to Have Fun

A robust social life can be rewarding and keep things interesting, but it also often requires spending, which adds up quickly. And you know what also tends to get expensive? Utility bills, rent, random errands, transportation, and pretty much everything other than breathing (though that last point is debatable). Stress-worthy, yes, but your precious downtime and best friends don't need to be your wallet's worst enemies.

In fact, all it takes is a little creative brainstorming about fun things you can do for free instead of spending money. And you'll probably want to take part in these 24 activities even you're not on a tight budget or looking to save since the best things in life (and on this list) are often free. So check out all the fun free things to do below next time you're bored, re-budgeting, or simply planning out your social calendar.


If you love the outdoors and the weather permits, head out for a hike with a good playlist or podcast to listen to.

Explore a used bookstore. You might stumble upon a treasure you never would've encountered otherwise.

Go for a long drive to a lookout spot. Make a mini road trip out of it with some friends or go alone to clear your head.

Attend or participate in an open mic at a local cafe. Not only will it be cathartic to actually perform, but you'll also get to express yourself in the writing process.

Clean out your closet, and then experiment with new outfit combinations with the items you decide to keep. This will make your wardrobe feel fresh again without having to spend a penny. In fact, you could also go sell the rejects to a vintage store or an online consignment shop.

If it's a weekend evening and you don't want to pay for a ton of drinks at the bar but you feel like going out, throw a last-minute house party. Keep things intimate with a few friends or go all out.


Cheetah Is the New Black

If you've had a lot on your mind lately, head out for a long walk. Try to find a scenic or peaceful place to stroll to get inspired while also feeling relaxed.

Who needs a massage when you can turn your own bathroom into a relaxing spa-like oasis? Do your own nails, hair, and makeup, or just take a bath. Maybe a warm soak might be the relaxation you've been looking for.

Write a letter to your past or future self. Save it in a makeshift time capsule so you can revisit it later.

Go to a farmers market or flower shop to take in the beauty or try testers of all the fresh produce.

Discover some new music and make a few playlists for different moods so you have them ready to go on every occasion. If you don't really feel like listening to music, try an empowering podcast instead.

Check out a cool museum or free art gallery.


Download a meditation app and give it a try. Who knows? You may end up liking it. And if you don't, now you know and can try a more interactive approach like healing crystals instead.

Host a game night. Opt for something traditional like poker or play a fun new card game like What Do You Meme. If you're alone, play solitaire. Or ditch the cards altogether and play Scrabble.

Go for a scenic bike ride.

Create a mood board for your dream home. Even if it's just in your imagination, this will get your creative juices flowing and help you feel more inspired.

Organize a potluck at a nearby park or plan a picnic somewhere with a pretty view.

If you live in a city, chances are there are some murals to check out. Get some fresh air and exercise by exploring an area with great street art.

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Check out all your favorite stores or new boutiques. But just to window shop, of course.

Get crafty and creative. Bring out all your old art supplies, whether you have some knitting or needlepoint tools, beads, a sewing kit, colored pencils, or a full-on art studio setup.

Go to a local park, and bring a snack as well as a good book to dive into.

Watch funny YouTube videos or have a marathon watching ridiculous reality shows for a good laugh. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could host a scary-movie night.

Did you grow up playing an instrument? If you still have it lying around and miss playing, pick it up and start brushing up on your skills. You could also invite some old friends or bandmates over for a casual reunion.

Trade in your devices for a good book and take this opportunity to unplug and relax.

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