8 Freelance Jobs That Show You the Money

While working as a freelance independent contractor has its perks, it also has its pitfalls. Mainly, you owe a lot of taxes and you have to pay for your own health insurance. Of course, if you’re making a good income doing freelance work, it’s definitely worth it. So what are the careers that have high-paying freelance gigs? Money came up with the following list:

  1. Marketing: If you have a background in marketing, you could earn between $46 and $52 per hour freelancing. Money says, “Find a company that loves you, and you may have a flexible, long-term job.”
  2. Voice acting: Some people happen to have a great voice. If that’s you, consider becoming a freelance voice actor—you could earn up to $72 per hour.
  3. Recruiting: Many companies find it more cost-effective to hire a freelancer rather than have an in-house team of recruiters. Get in on this trend now.
  4. Programming: Freelance programmers can work from anywhere in the world—as long as there is internet connection—and make up to $60 an hour.
  5. Infographic design: Everyone is into making infographics these days, and if you know how to make them, start peddling your services for up to $65 an hour.
  6. Writing: Good freelance writers make about $55 per hour. Money warns, however, “There are many, many low-paying freelance writing gigs out there. Hone your skills and do your research so you don’t end up making a lot less than you should.”
  7. Search engine optimization: Love SEO? Become a specialist and market yourself out to companies for $50 per hour.
  8. Translating: If you’re bilingual, take a $25- to $40-per-hour gig translating from Korean to English or Spanish to English.

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Are you a freelancer? What do you do? Do you make a good income?