This Is the Answer to Your Food Waste Problem

For much of my adult life, my freezer was filled with four things: Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza, Grey Goose Vodka, two martini glasses, and the obligatory plastic ice cube trays. I would flip past the Real Simple articles about how to intelligently use your freezer and never read the fine print at the bottom of Martha Stewart recipes on how to freeze that leftover lasagna. Freezers, I thought, were for busy working moms trying to feed lots of hungry children—not a single girl living alone!

Then one day, I had an excess amount of soup and decided to put some in the freezer to eat at a later date. Almost overnight I went from a freezer non-believer to a freezer preacher. All of a sudden the icebox was one of the most important tools in my kitchen, and I quickly learned how to make the most of it. Today, it’s filled with all sorts of delicious goodies, from homemade chicken stock to stuffed pork chops to whole wheat walnut bread. Wondering how it’s done? Here are eight simple techniques for using your freezer.