The "Incredible" French Drugstore Buy That Treats Acne


It's no secret that we envy the French. What's not to love about the effortless way they dine or dress? In a world that offers up the French way to do just about anything, there is a reason for it: simplicity. The French approach to life is rooted in simplicity, and their take on skincare is no exception.

Rather than relying on an arsenal of products to treat an acne flare-up, for example, French model Camille Rowe turns to a simple $15 product found in most French drugstores: Hexomedine Transcutanée. The antiseptic gently penetrates the skin to dry out acne from the inside out, and it claims to reduce redness, swelling, and bacterial infections in 48 hours.

"I have a really bad habit of picking at my face," the 27-year-old model confessed to Into the Gloss. "I use Hexomedine Transcutanée, which I buy from French pharmacies. It costs like two euros. There's the Cutanée version for surface blemishes, and then the Transcutanée, which is for cystic acne. But the cystic one works well for both. You just put it on with a Q-tip. It's incredible."

Rowe isn't the only one who's on to the simple success of adding Hexomedine Transcutanée into a skincare routine. The product also made an appearance on influencer Dakota Butler's list of her favorite skincare products.

"I am blessed with reasonably good skin (blessed as in I take birth control), but on the off occasion I do break out, I want it gone ASAP," she told The File. "This stuff is magic—it literally takes two nights to dry up any unpleasantries that might pop up on my face. I just dab it on at night with a Q-tip, and that's that. I just know it's a French skincare staple, and makes me feel fancy."

Hexomedine Transcutanée is ideal for infected pimples and ingrown hairs. If your pimple lacks an infection but is deep red and swollen, Le French Skincare recommends drying lotion, like Bioderma Cicabio.

Once you apply Hexomedine Transcutanée, the product should make a difference in your pimple situation in less than two days and can be re-applied up to twice a day by using a q-tip, per the instructions found on Le French Skincare.

While the change your complexion experiences might be so great you'll be tempted to keep using Hexomedine Transcutanée, experts recommend not using it for more than 15 consecutive days at a time. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Locating Hexomedine Transcutanée might be a breeze in Paris, but not every pharmacy stocks up on the miracle pimple cure stateside. The New London Pharmacy in New York City sells Hexomedine Transcutanée online for $27, so you won't need to book that flight just yet, unless, of course, France is calling your name. And who could say no to that?

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