18 Under-the Radar French Baby Names You'll Want to Steal


Edward Berthelot / Contributor / Getty

When it comes to the French, there isn't much we don't love. In fact, you could say our adoration almost verges on obsession. From their effortless fashion sense to their lived-in beauty, their chic-to-death interiors and perfectly imperfect entertaining style, it's clear they've officially mastered the art of casual cool—we have so much to learn from French moms too. So who wouldn't want to instill some of that je ne sais quoi into their children? We know from the viral success of our first story on French baby names that you share the same fascination for the exotic monikers—these Irish baby names are super cute too.

But this time, instead of rounding up the most popular, we sourced the little-known super cute French baby names that are guaranteed to steal your heart. If you don't have a baby on the way, then you'll definitely want to bookmark these for your future infants—de rien