You're Saying "Armoire" Wrong—and 16 Other French Décor Words

The French invented many of the words we use in the furnishing world, starting with décor itself (and domaine too while we’re at it!), which comes as no surprise, really. They are master decorators, after all. From armoires to buffets, our homes would be lost without these interior inventions that were only created thanks to the French people’s intrinsic need to craft interiors that are at once practical and elegant. 

Many of these typical European pieces that have made their way into our homes are not only visually pleasing, but they actually promote the subtle values of French living—from the importance of food and cooking to spending quality time as a family, or simply adopting a certain joie de vivre. The art of decorating is more than just for show—it’s to create a lifestyle to aspire to and an environment for loved ones to gather. Read on to find out exactly how French your home really is—and make sure you’re pronouncing key words correctly with our little décor glossary below.