French Women Never Do These Things to Their Hair


Getty/Timur Emek

No-makeup makeup isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and who better embodies this effortless aesthetic than the quintessential French woman? Style stars like Jeanne Damas and Marion Cotillard don't spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting their beauty techniques, yet their skin betrays no late nights, and their hair is always artfully rumpled—never messy.

With that in mind, we pored through every page of Caroline de Maigret's charming book, How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are ($15) (penned with Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, and Sophie Mas), with the hope of finding an answer to how French women look so, well, chic all the time. Ahead is a taste of one of our favorite sections about how to style (or rather, un-style) your hair like a true Parisienne. Word to the wise: Perhaps it's time to break up with your blow-dryer.

Keep scrolling to find out the secret to French-girl hair, according to a French woman.

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