Meet the Website That Is Changing the Way the French Eat

From Kitchit to Blue Apron, these days, there is no shortage of websites geared to those in search of a delicious home-cooked meal. However, one new French website is making waves not because of the type of cuisine it makes but because of the chefs behind it. Food & Wine was the first to report on Lou Papé, the Paris-based website that allows hungry diners to rent grandparents to cook for them. If you’re feeling nostalgic and in need of grand-mére’s delicious and perfectly fluffy omelet, you can rent a retiree or nursing home resident to make it for you. Lou Papé is a full-service dining experience, and most of the chefs will provide diners with culinary tips and other worldly advice. “The chefs are picked as much for their willingness and ability to relate on a personal level as for their culinary prowess,” explains Food & Wine. Since I love cooking for my grandfather, I hope Lou Papé succeeds and expands to more locations. I’m curious to try it out!

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Would you rent a grandma to cook for you?