8 Chic-to-Death French Home Tours We Love (and How to Get the Look)

Nothing sparks the imagination quite like a French interior does, and we all want to cook in their breathtaking kitchens. That’s why we’re constantly looking to our chic European neighbors for tips on how to mimic their nonchalant and seemingly inimitable style, from design to fashion to beauty. From the romantic to the rustic, our French sisters have nailed that effortless aesthetic without ever compromising luxury. While at first glance it might seem there isn’t much to it, looks can be deceiving.

The secret to perfecting this Parisian art is all in the details: antique furniture, elevated decorative accents, crystal chandeliers, all in a fairly minimal color palette with a hint of gold. Placement of these pieces should also be carefully considered, but not too much. Remember, effortless is key here. So in honor of our adoration, we compiled eight of our favorite French tours with style notes and key pieces to get the look at home.