How to Style Your Home Like a Parisian, According to a Major French Designer

There are only a few designers that evoke collective oohs and ahhs from the MyDomaine team whenever we view their interiors. A very physical and emotional reaction occurs upon viewing the work of famed French architect and interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot. His impeccable attention to detail goes beyond mere aesthetics into emotive territory. Deniot has an incredible knack for crafting interiors that move you and transport you to another world. For his clients, that world happens to be their home.

So what is it about a French interior that captures our hearts and imagination so much? They're always incredibly pretty but never pretentious, stylish but not overly stuffy, and cool but never too trendy. The French have perfected the art of nonchalance that's both refined yet effortless at the same time. To discover the secret to achieving this chic Parisian look once and for all, we tapped Deniot at the launch of his Baker Furniture collaboration at the Pacific Design Center. In this exclusive chat, he reveals the top qualities every room should have, the most common decorating mistakes, and why natural is his favorite interior palette.