3 French Parenting Tips Every Mom Should Know

Updated 04/21/17
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We look to the French for their enviably elegant interiors, effortless entertaining tips, and cool-girl style, but there's another reason we're obsessed with les Français: their unique take on parenting. As Pamela Druckerman, author of Bringing Up Bébé: One American Woman Discovers The Wisdom of French Parenting, can attest, French children seem to be more behaved, polite, and independent than their American peers. Plus, Druckerman says French parents have learned how to balance parenting with a social life, sleep, and sex.


Sound too good to be true? Fatherly has scanned the New York Times bestseller for insights about how French moms manage to raise perfect kids. Take note: These are the top three French parenting lessons every mom should know:

According to Druckerman, French moms pause for five minutes before soothing a crying baby at night. This gives children time to calm themselves before you intervene, and it teaches them independence. 

While American stores tend to be laden with alphabet-shaped cookies and Disney-themed treats, French moms feed their kids the same food they eat themselves. While this might seem less exciting for children, it could be the reason why French children are believed to be less picky and don't create a scene when vegetables are served. 

French moms don't adopt a baby voice when talking to their children. Even if babies are too young to comprehend conversation, the French believe talking to infants in a normal, measured voice shows respect and teaches them maturity at a young age. 

Looking for more French parenting insights? Add Druckerman's book to your reading list:

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