This Is What the French Know About Wellness (That You Don't)


The French possess a kind of natural insouciance that translates across their cuisine and into their décor. Unsurprisingly, this nonchalance influences their approach to health and wellness as well—a field typically punctuated by fad diets and food trends. For some insight into the covetable French way of life, MindBodyGreen spoke with editorial makeup artist and native Parisian Violette Serrat.

Violette, who does not use her last name professionally, has amassed quite the Instagram following for her work with Vogue Paris, CR Fashion Book, and more. Lucky for you, the makeup artist recounted her unique approach to wellness to MBG. Keep reading for four French girl-approved wellness tips from the expert, including Violette's morning routine, her views on dieting, her favorite products, and her approach to drinking wine.

Don't forget about your tongue:

Violette has a rather interesting morning routine: "When I wake up, the first thing I do is brush my teeth and my tongue—it's super important to remove the toxins that your liver cleansed all night and left on your tongue," she tells Mindbodygreen. "You definitely don't want to swallow them," she adds. If you're not already tending to your tongue health, you may want to add it to your morning ritual.

After a thorough clean of her teeth and tongue, Violette downs her go-to morning beverage: a warm (not hot) glass of water. "I used to drink it with lemon juice, but my Ayurvedic doctor, Pratima, told me that lemon wasn't right for my dosha," the Parisian explains.

Aim for a balanced diet:

Violette also emphasizes the importance of dietary balance. "For breakfast, it's all about pleasure," she notes. "I never diet, but I'll eat more healthy (but never eat less) if produce available isn't as fresh or natural as possible," the makeup artist explains. "That doesn't fit my epicurean personality! I love food, life, and pleasure," she admits.

Give supplements a try:

Along with warm water and fresh produce, rosemary herbal tea also make an appearance in Violette's typical day to cleanse the liver. She also regularly turns to Holy Green herb juice from Stephan Jaulin, ingestible skin elixirs from CAP Beauty, Bluebonnet Kosher Fish Oil, Turmeric supplements, and Vitamin D. Consider these her secrets to feeling and looking her best.

Never turn down a fine wine:

Finally, true to Parisian form, Violette never passes on a glass of fine wine. "I avoid gluten and dairy for the most part, but I drink good wine," she confesses. "It's important to me to listen to my desires—I am not a saint, so you will totally see me eating Camembert, baguettes, and drinking the good grape." Amen to that.

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