Fresh Decorating Ideas to Jump-Start Your New Year

The tree is down, the decorations packed up, and the holiday china back in storage not to see the light of day until next November. When the excess of the holidays come to an end you can be left with a pretty empty feeling. Don't let the post-party depression seep into your home decor. Incorporate some of these friendly accents and keep that warm and fuzzy feeling flowing. 01 You may prefer the alternate furniture plan you were forced to create to make room for your Christmas tree. So how do you keep it as-is and fill in the empty space left by your composted Douglas Fir? Try a potted tree appropriate for indoors. A fiddle leaf fig, ficus, or miniature palm are a great start. A sculptural floor lamp is another way to add some visual interest to a lonely corner.
fresh1 fiddle fresh2
Stilt Floor Lamp, $499, Blu Dot Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, $139, Houston Interior Plants Atomic Lobster Arc Floor Lamp, $299, CB2
02 Do you love the layered look your garland, lights, and beads brought to your mantlepiece? Replicate these elements with art in varied scales, framed photos, candles, and decorative objects. Keep in mind, with all of the new elements you are introducing, editing becomes even more crucial. Be thoughtful with the pieces you are incorporating and make sure the happy layers don't turn into a chaotic jumble. Step back and continually survey the vignette from varying vantage points to ensure it's still projecting "effortless-style" and not "horder."
fresh3 fresh4 fresh6
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    You may have opted to create a seasonal display in the center of your dining table where you normally have nothing decorative to speak of. Replace the dated centerpiece with a fresh take on dining decor with alternate greenery in eye-catching containers. Trying mixing small potted topiaries at varying heights or a collection of ceramic pottery with seasonal stems. Alternately, you could opt for a single sculptural object to occupy the space.
fresh9 fresh10 fresh8
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