Only True Fans Will Get All the References in This Friends Monopoly Game

Updated 04/02/18
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Iconic '90s TV series Friends will always have a special place in our hearts (and Netflix watch lists). Now, with the release of a Friends Monopoly game, it can have a spot in our homes, too. The special collector's edition of the classic board game follows the same real estate principles as the original, only it's full of references from the beloved sitcom. "As you pivot around the table you will be taken down memory lane of the best memories from Friends," reads a description from the retailer The Works.

Instead of the classic tokens like the iron and the race car, players can pick from tiny pieces meant to represent their favorite characters. There's a dinosaur for Ross, a pizza box for Joey, a chef hat for Monica, a guitar for Phoebe, a purse for Rachel, and a sweater vest for Chandler. After choosing a token, you can then make your way around the board, which is covered in Friends references, of course. Could this game be any more nostalgic?

While it's technically only available in the UK, you can still snag one on Amazon for a fee. It's listed on the site as a UK import for $60. Shop the game below before it sells out.

Monopoly Friends Monopoly (UK Import) $60

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