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11 Friendsgiving Decorating Ideas for a Chic Soirée

friendsgiving tablescape

Dine x Design

Whether you're gathering with friends because you can't be with family, you love to host, or you just want to spend the holiday together, a great Friendsgiving tablescape is essential to making the function Instagram-worthy. If you're not sure where to start when it comes to decorating your table, we've gathered some inspiration for you.

If you want to go all out with an elaborate tablescape or keep things simple for Friendsgiving, there are options for whatever kind of gathering you're hosting. The best part? You won't even need to have a turkey on the table—for decoration, that is.

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Light All the Candles

friendsgiving table

Dwell Aware

Candles are great for any kind of tablescape, but they're especially cozy on Friendsgiving. While you and your friends gather around the table, light some candles. You can add tapered candles in brass candlesticks or whatever candles you have around, both will add a nice glow.

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Add Bright Colors

friendsgiving table

My Interior Motive

Who says you have to stick to traditional colors on Thanksgiving? For your Friendsgiving tablescape, throw in lots of bright colors, like teal and magenta, and lots of textures. The more the merrier, just like the guest list. You can bring in colors with table chargers, candles, glassware, or just about anything else you can imagine.

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Customize Drink Markers

friendsgiving tablescapes

Dine x Design

You can buy your own glass markers so your friends don't mix up their glasses, or you can make some of your own! Dine x Design created her own wax seal markers to help her guests tell their drinks apart. By using some wax, a seal, and different colored ribbons, she added a personal, crafty touch to each of her guest's glasses.

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Keep it Neutral

friendsgiving tablescape

Milk and Honey Life

If going all-out isn't your thing, or you just don't want to buy any Thanksgiving-specific decorations, then use what you have. Sometimes, a minimal tablescape is all you need. Add a linen tablecloth, use the chairs you have (even if they're mismatched, it adds an eclectic touch), and have your loved ones gather around for a delicious meal.

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Layer Placemats and Plates

friendsgiving tablescape

Leaf and Lolo

Save time by setting the table before your guests arrive. Not only does it streamline the process day of, but it allows you to make sure you have everything you need in terms of dishes and linens.

Plus, we love the layered look of chargers, plates, and bowls. It adds texture and visual interest to any table.

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Make It Easy to Graze

friendsgiving tablescape

Rush Me Home

There's something about being able to graze that makes eating more enjoyable. By keeping dishes close together on the table, you won't only minimize spills, but it'll encourage your guests to try a little bit of everything.

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Keep It Cozy

friendsgiving tablescape

Black & Blooms

Maybe you aren't having many people over, but that doesn't mean you can't make your Friendsgiving tablescape special. Adding flowers, napkins, and special glassware will make the meal feel that much more special.

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Create a Bar and App Area

friendsgiving tablescape

Dine x Design

Sides may be the star of Thanksgiving, but snacks are the star of Friendsgiving. Lay out some snacks (or have some friends bring them to share) and pair them with a festive drink or charcuterie spread.

Snacks are great to munch on while the main course is still in the oven, plus they're great for when you want something little a couple of hours after the meal is done.

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DIY Accessories

friendsgiving tablescape

Dine x Design

Friendsgiving on a budget? Opt for a DIY table setting! These napkin rings are made from wooden rings, velvet ribbon, and dried flowers, and despite how easy they are to make, they make a huge impact on the table.

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Go Full Farmhouse

friendsgiving tablescape

Pure Collected Living

Channel Joanna Gaines this year. By using a rustic table, antique accents (like taper candles and brass candlestick holders), and simple stoneware, you'll have a setting that's laid-back, yet put together. Add a tree or other greenery for that extra farmhouse touch.

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Embrace the Holidays

friendsgiving tablescape

House of Harvee

Listen, everyone is excited for the holidays that come after Thanksgiving, so why not embrace it now? After all, the winter holidays are only a month away. There's just something about little trees and touches of red that works for Thanksgiving but also gets you ready for the holidays ahead.