The 8 Best Paint Colors to Choose for a Bright Front Door

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Laurey W. Glenn

Your front door plays a large role in your home's curb appeal. After your landscaping or porch design, it's the first impression your guests have of your home, so it requires decorating with intention. If you're looking for a front door paint color to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere for you and your family, then look no further.

"Painting your front door is a great way to add personality or pop of color to your home without having to undergo a complete exterior renovation," Emma Pugliares, Marketing Director at ECOS Paints, a non-toxic, zero VOC, eco-friendly paint company, says.

Read on for the eight best paint colors for your front door.

Meet the Expert

  • Emma Pugliares is the Marketing Director at ECOS Paints, a non-toxic, zero VOC, eco-friendly paint company.
  • Sue Wadden is the director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams.
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ECOS Paints Chatham Door 1614

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Design: Lisa Tharp; Photography: Read McKendree.

  • Color Family: Blue
  • Complementary Colors: Softer yellows and deeper golden tones, including ochre
  • Pairs Well With: Paler blues, greys, whites, and golden accents.
  • Mood: Calm, Serene
  • Where to Use: As an accent color on kitchen islands, benches, or other pieces of furniture. It also works well in smaller spaces, such as powder rooms.

The calming light blue is from ECOS Paints' Lisa Tharp Colors, a new color collection developed by award-winning designer Lisa Tharp, and inspired by New England homes and colors.

"Weathered grey shingle homes are the perfect pairing for a front door and shutters painted in Chatham Door. This classic combination, reminiscent of coastal New England, inspired the color and its name," Pugliares says.

Chatham Door 1614
ECOS Paints Chatham Door 1614 $76.00
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ECOS Paints Black

front door

ECOS Paints

  • Color Family: Neutrals
  • Complementary Colors: Whites, metallics, greens, blues
  • Pairs Well With: Black windows and a crisp, white exterior for a modern and fresh look
  • Mood: Elegant, Sophisticated
  • Where to Use: Use as a dramatic accent for window trim, interior doors, fireplaces, and other detail elements.

Black as a front door accent color makes a bold statement while at the same time remaining a neutral background for other exterior décor.

"Black is the perfect backdrop for seasonal wreaths and personalized accent pieces," Pugliares says. "People are trending toward lighter exterior color schemes, so having a black front door adds a dramatic moment without being too overwhelming or clashing with anything else going on in your exterior."

Tricorn Black SW 6258
ECOS Paints Black $70.00
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Farrow & Ball Nancy's Blushes

front door

Charleston Queen

  • Color Family: Pink
  • Complementary Colors: Blues and greens
  • Pairs Well With: Whites such as Great White or blues like St. Giles Blue, as well as lighter and darker pink tones
  • Mood: Uplifting, Cheerful
  • Where to Use: Use on front doors, as an accent color on vintage items such as bathtubs, and of course, in cheery little children's rooms

Charleston Queen's bright pink front door is more than just Insta-worthy. It brightens her home's white exterior while also providing a soft backdrop for her seasonal wreaths.

This bright, link pink can be used sparingly as an accent color to make a bold statement or painted on entire walls to create a magical atmosphere for the young or young at heart.

Nancy's Blushes
Farrow & Ball Nancy's Blushes $110.00
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Farrow & Ball Teresa’s Green

front door

Charleston Queen

  • Color Family: Green
  • Complementary Colors: Pinks and Mauve
  • Pairs Well With: Delicate shades like White Tie and Pavilion Blue
  • Mood: Calming, Cheerful
  • Where to Use: Use on windowsills, shelves, cabinets, and or in small spaces such as bathrooms for a spa-like feel.

On the flip side of Charleston Queen's famous pink front door is a welcoming surprise: this light shade of green, known as Teresa's Green from Farrow & Ball. She also painted her kitchen cabinets this color to tie this shade into the rest of her interior.

Teresa's Green
Farrow & Ball Teresa's Green $110.00
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Sherwin Williams Oceanside SW 6496

front door

Laurey W. Glenn

  • Color Family: Blue
  • Complementary Colors: Orange 
  • Pairs Well With: Whites, creams, or deep, rich wood tones and warm metallics. It also pairs well with gold and bronze hardware, and brighter colors like pinks and reds.
  • Mood: Energizing
  • Where to Use: Reading nooks or colorful shutters, as well as accent walls or side tables

"Oceanside is an opulent, mysterious green-blue hue that can create a bold, welcoming statement when applied to a front door," Sue Wadden, the director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams, says. "It's energizing rather than moody, as darker blues or blacks can be."

Sherwin Williams Oceanside SW 6496 $95.00 $71.00
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Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW 6258

front door

Sherwin Williams

  • Pairs Well With: A neutral white, gray, or beige background, also with greenery
  • Mood: Sophisticated, Dramatic
  • Where to Use: As an accent wall in a room with plenty of natural light or on kitchen cabinets when balanced with lighter countertops and backsplashes.

"Black is an emotional, thought-provoking color that exudes modernity and class," Wadden says. "It can look super sophisticated and evoke drama, so it’s perfect for someone who wants to go bold with their design and the mood of the space."  

Tricorn Black SW 6258
Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW 6258 $95.00 $72.00
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Sherwin Williams Jadite SW 6459

front door

Sherwin Williams

  • Color Family:  Green
  • Complementary Colors: Red
  • Pairs Well With: Brick, stone, and wooden tones, as well as navy, terracotta, coral, yellow, and neutrals
  • Mood: Cheerful, Welcoming
  • Where to Use: Dining room, home office, powder rooms, kitchen

Wadden says she recommends going with a jewel tone in these rooms for a reason:

"They’re rooms we spend less time in than, say, a bedroom or living room, so they’re great spaces to experiment with color," she says. "The kitchen is another great example. If you have white countertops and white walls, paint your island or kitchen cabinets a jewel-toned color. If your surfaces are black or brass, Jadite would sparkle."

Jadite SW 6459
Sherwin Williams Jadite SW 6459 $95.00 $72.00
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Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay SW 7701


Sherwin Williams

  • Color Family: Orange
  • Complementary Colors: Blue
  • Pairs Well With: This color really pops against soft beiges but can also be used as a primary color if balanced by neutral whites or a grounding slate blue. 
  • Mood: Carefree, Sophisticated
  • Where to Use: Dining or room or kitchen, gender-neutral nurseries

"Cavern Clay is a sun-washed terracotta hue that celebrates the warmth and simplicity found uniquely in desert landscapes. It’s rooted in the earth and is a perfect elemental color that compliments natural tones and textures," Wadden adds.

Cavern Clay SW 7701
Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay SW 7701 $95.00 $72.00

Make a bold statement and brighten up your front door with a mysterious blue or blush pink. Your refreshed entryway will welcome you home with open arms, and instantly brighten your mood and your curb appeal.